Social Media Plaintiff Research & Social Media Tracking Services

Here are some of the most common plaintiff and individual research services we provide for our clients — all of whicih come with admissible metadata meeting the standards of Federal Rules of Evidence 902(14):

  • Exhaustive online public searches of plaintiffs and individuals that include:
    • Finding correct social media accounts for an individual
    • Facebook collection and preservation (with admissible metadata)
    • Twitter collection and preservation (with admissible metadata)
    • Instagram collection and preservation (with admissible metadata)
    • YouTube collection and preservation (with admissible metadata)
    • Tumblr collection and preservation (with admissible metadata)
    • Blog post and comment collection (with admissible metadata)
    • Forum collection and monitoring (with admissible metadata)
    • Online news monitoring (with admissible metadata)
    • Public dating sites monitoring  (with admissible metadata)
    • Collection of other social media sites, such as MySpace and Pinterest (with admissible metadata, but not at the post level)
    • Collection of publicly-available data across the web (with admissible metadata)
  • Easy-to-read reports include a visual PDF download that is like scanning down a social media page without having to click to expand.
  • Independent, third-party collection to avoid conflicts of interest and allow for expert witness testimony.
  • Historic & ongoing collection and preservation, so you never miss a post that may be taken down between manual checks. Once downloaded, ALL posts are preserved even if later edited or deleted.
  • Special Juror Research service of social media and the web for jury pools and jurors.
  • More comprehensive, cost-effective and time-efficient than manual searches.
  • We can work with attorneys anywhere in the world because our work is entirely digital.

Defense attorneys, how can this information help you defend against personal injury cases? Read how our findings speak to liability, damages/credibility and other defenses.

Need pricing information? Contact us for a custom quote. Pricing depends on the volume of individuals we are monitoring, the length of time and the frequency of reporting.