Sample Findings

Please read below sample findings from our social media research of plaintiffs and individuals for our clients. We have only provided general details since each case is confidential.

Woman Claiming Injury Posts About Exercise

For a plaintiff claiming medical injury, we found posts on Facebook prior to joining the class action lawsuit. The posts mentioned visiting an amusement park and engaging in vigorous exercise. In another case, we found an individual claiming injury who had participated in hundreds of triathlons since the event at issue.

Twitter Demonstrates Normal Daily Activity

A plaintiff who claimed loss of ability to function in daily life demonstrated a normal daily activity level with posts about doing household chores, caring for children and more on Twitter.

MySpace Post Declares Desire to Sue Someone for Lots of Money

In a case where an individual claimed damages for medical injury, the individual’s MySpace page uncovered a post prior to filing suit declaring the claimant desired to find someone to sue for lots of money.

Plaintiffs Are Deceased

Our online research has also uncovered plaintiffs who are deceased, which in some states could result in a plaintiff’s claim being barred if the lawsuit has not been brought by an appropriate representative.

Background Checks Uncover Criminal History

During simple background checks, we often uncover individuals who are in jail or who have been convicted of crimes that damage their credibility.