How Our Research Helps Attorneys

Information captured from our historic and real-time social media research helps defense attorneys by providing valuable fodder for depositions, procuring defense verdicts for clients and negotiating favorable settlements by speaking to:

1) Liability

  • Plaintiff blames others for injuries.
  • Plaintiff admits having injury before the incident at issue.
  • Plaintiff documents significant, ongoing health problems.

2) Damages/Credibility

  • Plaintiff documents written and photographic history of active lifestyle that contradicts the extent of the injury.
  • Plaintiff is found to be a participant in serial suits or blames others for injuries.
  • Plaintiff has a criminal history that would affect his/her credibility.
  • Plaintiff states that they are after money (See a real example from Step Ahead Social Research of just such a statement.)

3) Other Defenses

  • Discovery of prior or current bankruptcy that plaintiff failed to disclose, which could mean judicial estoppel.

4) Admissible Digital Evidence

Meeting the requirements of Federal Rules of Evidence 902(14), our collection and preservation of web data and social media postings include metadata for digital authentication. Read more.

See sample plaintiff social research findings secured by Step Ahead Social Research that have shown the above.