About Us

At Step Ahead Social Research, our staff of social media research experts collects and preserves publicly-available information on the web and social media in real time using many different software tools to help you spot the information you need. We sort through the massive amounts of data in an automated and efficient manner, often finding that nugget of information that could save your client significant time and money.

The Need

Our social media collection for plaintiffs and individuals can provide a broader amount of information for a lower cost than in house staff who may not be skilled or knowledgeable in efficient social media research. Our team has been working in social media for more than 10 years and is skilled at discovery of the right individuals and information. We use a variety of the latest technologies to retrospectively sort through huge volumes of data publicly posted and  track individuals going forward in real time.

Who We Work With

We work with national law firms handling mass tort litigation, personal injury and products liability, drug and device litigation, criminal defense litigation and family law, as well as major insurance companies, law enforcement and private investigators. The information we uncover provides valuable fodder for defense of many of these cases, including motion practice, depositions and trial, or to assist with obtaining favorable settlements.

Our Techniques

At Step Ahead Social Research, we use many different software systems that compile publicly-available data in real time dating back several years. Combined with our staff of online research experts, who provide the insight and knowledge required to ensure we are collecting the right information, we produce reports in whatever frequency is needed. We only work with publicly-available information absent a court order requiring an individual to provide access to specific private online or social media accounts.

Why Hire Us?

Researching individuals and information online can be an inefficient, overwhelming task when not using the correct tools or having the right skills. However, this task could save your clients millions of dollars if done properly.

We have developed a proprietary process that combines retrospective and real-time social media collection and preservation software systems with our staff trained in social media tools that allow us to gather the most comprehensive, vetted information in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Let your legal staff focus on other tasks and let the experts in social media tackle the massive research required to get you the most relevant — and admissible — data for your case.

Learn how the December 1, 2017 updated Federal Rules of Evidence 902(14) requires digital authentication of electronic evidence, which is provided with all of our reports.