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Social media plaintiff research

Using a variety of state-of-the-art software tools, our social media tracking service for attorneys collects and preserves with metadata any available public social media and web information about plaintiffs, jurors or individuals in personal injury and products liability cases, drug and device cases, insurance investigations and more.

Stop the time-consuming, ineffective, unverifiable manual searches of Facebook & Google and get back to more important work, and hire our independent, third-party team, who are available as expert witnesses, to quickly find all the data you need.

Services include:

Social Media Account Discovery | Facebook Monitoring | Twitter Monitoring

Instagram Monitoring | YouTube Monitoring | Forum & Blog Monitoring

Online News & Dating Sites Monitoring

Plaintiff Background Research and Checks

Jury Social Media Research

How can our social media monitoring services help your case? 

Our research on plaintiffs and individuals may speak to liability, damages, credibility and more to help you obtain a favorable result for your client. Read more